The Big Data Opportunity

The first event from our series 'The Big Data Opportunity' was held at the stunning Aqua Shard over breakfast.

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The first event in our VF Data Series 'The Big Data Opportunity' was held at the Aqua Shard on the 30th May.

Our panel of guest speakers were joined by data leaders from across the UK to explore how data is driving change and how data intelligence can be used to overcome new challenges for growth and transformation.

Our VF Data Series began with a bang as our first event 'The Big Data Opportunity' was held on the 30th May at the Aqua Shard.

Guests were treated to an expert panel of innovative technologists, who shared their experience of how to effectively optimise and apply an enterprise organisation’s data to drive business objectives, all whilst eating breakfast to the most stunning backdrop.

Topics included Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Management, Virtualisation & Visualisation, Robotics & Automation, IoT and AI.

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Our Panel Guests

Aisha AM Mendez, Head of Business Transformation & Robotics, BNP Paribas Cardif

Specialising in the financial services sector, Aisha has been instrumental in leading and driving enterprise wide change utilising high technology and delivering real results. Most recently Aisha has been leading the implementation of the Robotics CoE at BNP Paribas Cardif and has driven the AI and automation agenda into real mainstream business strategy and delivery. Passionate about data, technology and digital disruption, Aisha is at the forefront of delivering advanced technology.

Colin Rattigan, European Marketing Director, Lands’ End NED, ex Global VP Adidas Group

In the past 15 years, Colin has worked in a number global consumer and marketing technology companies leading marketing transformation – driving adoption of direct to consumer engagement and experience as company-wide initiatives. A classically trained marketing strategist, Colin was an early adopter of data-driven marketing, AI and digital technology to build brand and consumer propositions.

Our host

Matt Wicks, Co-CEO, The Virtual Forge

The story of any product development is the story of data, of understanding what you want to achieve, and what you need to know to achieve it. Building those pipelines, grappling with that data and answering those questions is why Matt loves what he does, and has done for over 30 years. He has worked with companies as diverse as the BBC, NHS, Jaguar Land Rover and Adobe, as well as small product teams, and they all have two things in common - the need for insight from data, and the need to build, often faster and faster.

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