How is technology supporting the ongoing changes happening in the Pharma industry?

Pharma companies are innovating and changing the way they do business.

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Pharma companies are innovating and changing the way they do business. They have realized that to stay competitive, they must change their approach from a product-focused organization to an outcomes-driven company.

Ultimately, the goal is to always deliver value to not only their customers but most importantly to the patients receiving their products. Customer time is finite and pharma companies must ensure that every interaction is providing a solution to their needs.

With this shift comes a need for new ways of connecting with Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) and data collection methods. As part of these changes, Pharma companies are now looking at alternative approaches such as "eSampling", which can offer huge benefits by reducing costs, speeding up sample processes, and offering more significant insights into big data driving sales. In this blog post, we'll talk about how eSampling is supporting the change in the Pharma industry by leveraging technology.

So, what is eSampling?

eSampling is the distribution of medical samples to healthcare professionals using digital processes rather than in-person interactions. Three key trends make this an important time for companies to review their sampling strategies so that future HCPs have the best access possible to pharmaceutical and medical devices.

  1. HCP Generational Change - new doctors joining the HCP population are increasingly comfortable with technology and accustomed to working professionally. These "digital native" doctors have very different expectations and preferences for their interactions with reps.

  2. The Pandemic - COVID 19 has quickly and profoundly changed how businesses of all types ensure the safety of their employees and customers. More than ever, this is now a primary consideration when deciding how best to engage with pharma and medical device companies.

  3. Maturity of Technology - The technology required to deliver comprehensive eSampling has reached the quality, price, and speed required to support these mission-critical business functions.

What's next?

Well, as recently as 2019, ZS's AffinityMonitor survey found "47.3% of physicians engage well with in-person pharma rep meetings, but just 9.6% of physicians engage with digital tactics.". It's clear from a more recent study that the impact of the pandemic has resulted in a major change of opinion considering "87% of HCPs now want either all virtual or a mix of virtual and in-person meetings even when the pandemic ends.", according to the Accenture, 2020 study looking into pharma engagement with HCPs in a post COVID-19 world.

This research has shown that digital channels will remain a key strategy for sample distribution post-pandemic. Year on year, a new generation of doctors is joining the workforce, and they have the inclination to utilize technology for business more than their predecessors. This is great news for pharmaceutical businesses with eSampling capabilities, as it is a very cost-effective and scalable strategy, while offering new insights from the digital HCP interactions.


The Virtual Forge has been developing sample ordering systems for over fifteen years. Our modern and scalable eSampling solution is focused on management, compliance and distribution processes which can be combined with our other services such as Power Bi solutions to offer exceptional big data insights.

To meet the needs of Pharma companies, we deliver a highly configurable microservices architecture with a fully customized user experience. This allows our customers to provide a seamless eSampling experience that is robust and ready for whatever the future brings.

If you're interested in finding out more about how technology and eSampling are changing the face of the Pharma industry, get in touch with us today.


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