The Design Sprint Revolution

Our second in-person event in 2021 was held at the stunning Aqua Shard over a three-course lunch, with a panel discussion about how to create digital design that innovates!

Gemma Christie5 mins


For this event we were joined by our guest speakers Toby Lewis and Rebecca Ferguson.

Toby and Rebecca shared their experience of how the Design Sprint revolutionises the way teams work and collaborate, with an in-depth look at the impact of sprints to enhance the design process and deliver ROI.

Our VF Design Series continued as our second in-person event of 2021 'The Design Sprint Revolution' was held on the 25th November at the Aqua Shard, London.

This time, we did a deep dive into the Design Sprint process with support from Toby Lewis from Logitech and Rebecca Ferguson, an Adobe Ambassador. Fully booked weeks in advance, we had the pleasure of hosting some of the most innovative companies worldwide.

We took an in-depth look at the impact of sprints to enhance the design process and how they can be used to take an idea to a tested solution within an incredibly short period of time. Adopting this process invented at Google can accelerate decision-making, reduce risk and onboard key stakeholders.

Design sprints capture the moment and that initial project enthusiasm, they use the collective knowledge of your team to design a solution, prototype that solution and test it with real people… All in the space of 5 days!

We were joined by the most exciting companies in the world for this event and learnt how to take user experience design and turn it into user excitement design.


Matt Wicks, co-CEO, The Virtual Forge

The story of any product development is the story of data, of understanding what you want to achieve, and what you need to know to achieve it. Building those pipelines, grappling with that data and answering those questions is why Matt loves what he does, and has done for over 30 years. He has worked with companies as diverse as the BBC, NHS, Jaguar Land Rover and Adobe, as well as small product teams, and they all have two things in common - the need for insight from data, and the need to build, often faster and faster.

Toby Lewis, Senior Manager, Collaboration Strategy, Logitech

For nearly two decades, Toby has been running professional services and consultancy teams for some of the most prominent vendors in the Unified Communications space. Now working for Logitech and helping to define the next step for high touch customer engagement, Toby is passionate about transforming technologies, implementing change and is widely recognised as a keen innovator.

Having both the technical understanding and a wealth of experience with customer service, which, due to the nature of the business, are often complex, allows Toby a holistic view of the UC space and the ability to offer deep insights into the current market.

Rebecca Ferguson, Experience Designer

Rebecca is an Adobe Ambassador and Experience Designer with over 11 years of experience in industry across many sectors. Rebecca spends her days building compelling digital offerings, bringing visions to life by creating rich, accessible products. She has seen first hand how a bad experience can really harm a company in terms of brand recognition and morale of internal teams, not just the target audience.

Rebecca can be found on social media, regularly live-streaming her working process, posting tutorials on YouTube, and mentoring junior designers. Rebecca is very active in the design community, so feel free to reach out!


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