The Big Data Series: Predictive Analytics

The fourth UK event from our VF Data Series, and our first in-person event in 2021 was held at the stunning Aqua Shard over a three-course lunch.

Gemma Christie2 mins


For this event we were joined by our guest speakers Adam Jones and David Bloch.

Adam and David shared their experience of how data is driving change and how predictive analytics can be used to generate future insights with a significant degree of precision.

Our VF Data Series continued as our fourth UK event 'Predictive Analytics' was held on the 9th September at the Aqua Shard, London.

Guests were treated to a delicious three-course lunch, in the recently renovated private dining room, overlooking London and were joined by our guest speakers, Adam Jones and David Bloch, and our co-CEO Matt Wicks.

We explored how data is driving change and how data intelligence can be used to overcome new challenges for growth and transformation, with an emphasis on predictive analytics and accurately preparing for the future.

Topics included: Applied Analytics Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Management, Analytics and Visualisation, IoT Analytics and Predictive Data.


Matt Wicks, co-CEO, The Virtual Forge

The story of any product development is the story of data, of understanding what you want to achieve, and what you need to know to achieve it. Building those pipelines, grappling with that data and answering those questions is why Matt loves what he does, and has done for over 30 years. He has worked with companies as diverse as the BBC, NHS, Jaguar Land Rover and Adobe, as well as small product teams, and they all have two things in common - the need for insight from data, and the need to build, often faster and faster.

Adam Jones, MD of ADA and the CTO of Redington Ltd

Adam is the MD of ADA, Redington's technology business. He has been working in fintech for over a decade spanning a wide range of companies from some of the largest banks, insurers and asset managers in the world to disruptive and innovative start-ups. Adam is a passionate advocate of the need to increase financial empowerment and inclusion and is a keen supporter of Redington’s aim to make 100m people financially secure. He is also an advocate of diversity in technology.

David Bloch, Senior Director, Advanced Analytics, Afiniti

David Bloch is a data science executive with two decades of experience working across many different industries. He currently works as Senior Director of Advanced Analytics for Afiniti. Afiniti uses AI to identify subtle and valuable patterns of human interaction in order to pair individuals on the basis of behavior, leading to optimised customer value management, more successful interactions and measurable increases in enterprise profitability. David has a particular focus on commercialising data science and helping organizations build high-performing teams. David has previously held executive leadership roles in Fonterra, Vodafone, Unleashed Software, and Yellow Group.


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