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Behind every great business, there's great data.

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Data Intelligence

Data is being created by businesses at rates never seen before.

Most organisations produce data much faster than they can shape it into useful insights. This creates data ecosystems that are disorganised, risky, and expensive without producing the required business value.

As experts in data design, we make your data organised, accessible, and easily understood so that you can extract its full value. We will prepare you for a future where your business is shaped by data, by generating game changing insights, and truly understanding your customers.

Our data services are split into four main areas, and can be deployed individually, or in conjunction with our other services.

Data Architecture

The story of your business is told by the data it produces. This information can improve operational decision-making and support competitive advantage if it’s treated properly, alternatively it often creates misinformation, inefficiency, and business risk.

The Virtual Forge will help you build a solid foundation for data excellence. We create advanced technical infrastructure, efficient data flows, and fully integrated quality and monitoring controls to make your data work harder for you.

We combine data science with business analytics to quickly extract value from huge volumes of data. We ready your business to react quickly to changes by reducing your time to insight.

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AI & Machine Learning

Using AI and ML technology provides the ability to ask and answer the big questions with our end-to-end Data Science as a Service offering. What do you want to know today?

The competition and pace of the modern business environment is challenging organisations to identify opportunities, mitigate threats, and make informed decisions faster. These needs have pushed beyond what is achievable with traditional tools and processes and has paved the way for the introduction of ML and AI into mainstream business operations.

We employ advanced analytical methods and machine learning to rapidly extract valuable information from complex data sets. We also consider the critical human and business processes that are improved or changed by this information so that the performance gain is broadly realised.

Bespoke Data Solutions

Your business is unique. Set yourself apart with integrated, data-powered solutions that support your business strategy without off-the-shelf compromises.

The Virtual Forge will classify your most critical data points to create a true understanding of their technical and conceptual profiles. We do this by evaluating your data supply chain at a forensic level.

Through this process we gain understanding of missing tools, roles, or processes that will improve data quality, enhance processing efficiency, or more efficiently present your data for consumption.

By tracing data use within your business operations, we uncover the role of the data in supporting your current and desired future business outcomes. This provides a map of data investment opportunities for maximum business impact.

Data Regulation

With the business value of data now broadly understood, the race to collect it in the business community and the race to govern and regulate that collection among government entities has begun.

Every company that collects information has legal duties and standards to meet based on their geographic location and the types of information they store. Meeting the requirements of the regulations is complex and requires expertise across several disciplines and cooperation across departments and geographies. Compliance can only be achieved with a solid understanding of all the data held by your company, the regulations in play, and an ongoing strategy to identify and protect sensitive data sets.

We help organisations understand their data and its associated risks, and we execute strategies to ensure regulatory compliance. We have the technical skills and industry knowledge to protect your business in a dynamic regulatory environment and the business experience to put these investments to work in other ways, improving your operations performance while reducing your data risk.

How we do it

When you partner with The Virtual Forge, you’re working with data experts. We work from quality development locations in the UK, Portugal and North America, with our Centre of Excellence for data services in Philadelphia. We work with the world’s largest and most innovative companies to turn their data into beautiful visualizations, insightful analytics, and improved business decision-making.

Our bespoke solutions

Each project is designed bespoke to your business, backed by our suite of tested methodologies. We’ll evaluate your data supply chains, optimise your data management, and set you up with advanced analytics. We’ll build the tools you need to truly understand your customers and extract the right insights to fuel your business.

Build a true office of data

With data becoming central to the strategic operations of all businesses, a new organisational design focus is needed to centralise strategic decision-making and ongoing investment with regard to data.

The Office of Data creates, executes, and maintains a unified enterprise data strategy and oversees a technology ecosystem that proactively manages data quality, data understanding, and data deployment to build empirical trust in enterprise data assets.

The Virtual Forge provides organisational design and program support to enable our clients to create an enduring organisational focus on data.

How To Get The Most Value From Your Data

Matt Sanson, our President of the Virtual Forge North America, takes us through how you can make the most of your data.

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