Mobility Data Research Laboratory

Our Mobility Data Research Laboratory has one key goal; To provide insight and analysis into how people travel and use transport today.

Welcome to our Mobility Data Research Laboratory

Our Mobility Data Research Laboratory has one key goal; To provide insight and analysis into how people travel and use transport today.

We’re a global leader in collecting and analysing user data to enable our customers to answer future strategic decisions about what they should or could be doing in the future. We assist them to save money, save the planet and make risk free decisions about future transport and mobility strategy.

We own and have developed the CleanCar system. Over the past 5 years, this robust intelligent mobility system has helped to accelerate the transition to electric mobility from fossil fuel dependency. Our CleanCar solution fully informs both businesses and private motorists in making that ‘transition’ as easy as possible.

So how do we do it?

Our consultative solution focuses on collecting, managing and assessing GPS data. We’ll provide you with a simple and easy to understand analytics dashboard and blueprint that demonstrates potential corporate strategies to enable you to achieve change within your organisation.

Our process works like this:

  • We will take pre-existing data about how your business and its employees travel and move today.
  • Where data does not exist, we will create/collect or procure it for you. We even have a plug and play GPS device or IOS/Android app that can collect data within minutes.
  • We work closely with you to truly understand what you want to achieve.
  • We examine and analyse your current data to understand the answers that lay within.
  • We allocate a team with the best possible expertise for the best possible outcomes.
  • We provide you with a blueprint that outlines what steps you need to take for success.

What are the typical problems we solve?

There are several ways in which our system has helped our customers depending on their goals. These include:

  • We can use the data to show an organisation their ideal vehicle make-up to maximise ultra-low emission technologies in their fleet.
  • We can provide a cost analysis that shows an organisation the costs and benefits of making the switch to an alternative transport function.
  • We can show a company their ideal vehicle charging infrastructure requirements, meaning they can invest quickly in the right technology fully understanding any cost benefits.
  • We could analyse how a company travels today providing alternatives including e-mobility and public mobility.
  • We can look at how a company travels today, and understand the costs, we can then propose how we reduce its travel requirements by using technologies such as video conferencing and home working.
  • We can review how employees travel today and offer show advantages of car sharing schemes
  • We can review pool car requirements and show how a car club could be of benefit.
  • We can look at future technologies such as Autonomous vehicles and understand the benefits
  • We can look at the advantages of vehicle to grid V2G, Vehicle to building V2B and battery storage.
  • We can help companies and organisations such as airports to see the potential revenue opportunities from technologies such as V2G.

Typical use case

The challenge: The organisation is looking to reduce Harmful Greenhouse Gas Emissions across its fleet. The Local or National tax is changing and will focus on CO2 GHG so the organisation needs to understand the options and costs associated. The Clean Air Zone is being introduced which will increase the costs of entering a city.

The organisation wishes to understand the impact, potential costs and alternative solutions, including:

  • The potential benefits of switching to EV.
  • Assessment of last mile delivery options.
  • The company, such as supermarkets are looking to ship products into London on the Thames then provide the last mile delivery from a central warehouse.

Collection of data – Journeys

We work with our customers to collect and provide them with data from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Incumbent telemetry system – some of which will just collect GPS data some will collect full CAN Bus engine management and vehicle info
  • Vehicle inbuilt telemetry -- Data could be delivered via a CSV downloaded by the driver -- There are various API’s that we can plug into
  • IOS/Android App – Collect data through our own smartphone app.
  • Collect GPS data through the Go Safe dongles
  • Collect data from around 1400 off the shelf telematics devices
  • CSV imports from various sources.

Why The Virtual Forge?

If you’re new to us you might not know that we have a dedicated data science office in Philadelphia. Our team work with global automotive companies to develop the best possible solutions.

  • We can legitimately claim to be experts in E-Mobility and EV suitability data analysis due to having completed dozens of mobility / big data projects.
  • We understand GPS data and GPS devices.
  • We have a team of data scientists who can work with any type of data, but they especially understand transport and journey data.


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