Data Visualization Services

Targeted and Tailored Data Visualization Solutions are the answer

Data Visualization Services

Have you already invested in your data and BI tools but still find your business is largely running on EXCEL?

Too often we approach business analytics, reports, dashboards and general data analytics with scopes that are too big, too expensive, take too long to deliver value and require sign off from too many stakeholders. While we try and force these behemoths down the road internally and follow the limited direction from overpriced and underwhelming consulting the rest of the company largely continues to operate as normal through disparate excel macros and spreadsheets shared through email. The organization continues to operate without the benefits of the big innovative data project/product which only makes the investment in that effort seem less necessary and more risky.

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Targeted and Tailored Data Visualization Solutions are the answer

Our Tailored Visualization Solutions and Tailored Visualization Services are designed to take out the slog, noise and barriers to making measurable progress towards your analytical goals. We are not interested in selling you technology like Power BI, Tableau or Qlik, and chances are you have at least one if not two of those already. Our consulting and executed solutions are built to get the most important data surfaced in a personalized and intuitive interface that is accessible, actionable and accurate.

Data Visualization - Preferred Technology and The Three A’s

We are agnostic about BI and Viz platforms and often create custom visualizations and dashboards of our own but the reason we outpace and outdeliver this crowded market is we are 100% exclusively focused on your data and the dashboards and business analytics your company relies upon to operate and accel.

The right BI tool for your business is whichever option most organically meets your requirements for those three A’s so critical to data analytics - accessible, actionable and accurate. There's no need for your organization to run off spreadsheets anymore or to impulsively overspend on technology and tools which ultimately are at the mercy of your data and how you intend to use it.

The Virtual Forge takes the most pragmatic approach to data visualization and data analytics that you will ever find. We promise that we can deliver and you can afford beautiful, three A’s certified dashboards that will integrate seamlessly into your existing operations and help reduce the cost, effort and lack of value of your current data environment and most recent failed data investments.

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Working with us and the VF Data Sprint:

Negative time to value kills smart business intelligence and advanced analytics projects in almost every company. Instead of trying to figure out “enterprise analytics' ' through vendor reviews, product POC’s, project charters and power points whe should approach our data endeavors in more digestible chunks in the trenches where the core function of the business operates. At the start of an engagement The Virtual Forge can apply our expertise at low cost, in short windows to provide rapid prototyping, with real data delivering fast & tangible value. We manage and build massive scale solutions and a variety of complex systems all of the time but the best massive projects/applications are always lead by practical and targeted smaller efforts. We are top class at both.

Simply said, we work closely, we work fast and we always deliver. Here are a few examples of the types of scenarios we can engage to get started:

  • Are there any quick wins not currently exploited from data: new KPIs, business processes, models, predictions, etc. that can be derived from existing data but currently do not exist?
  • Are current models, KPIs, calculations, predictions, etc. making best use of available data and providing accurate results?
  • Are there existing data processes that are manual or 'clunky' that can be improved or automated?
  • Is existing reporting lacking desired KPIs, metrics, frequencies, breadth, etc., and can a more comprehensive reporting solution be created?

More on the Data Sprint:

The Virtual Forge Data Sprint is adapted from Google Venture’s innovative process to quickly vet app design ideas in a single week. The VF Data Sprint aims to rapidly define an actionable business outcome, understand the ecosystem of technology and people, and scope an action plan to achieve measurable progress to the outcome.

Partnering with VF allows you to generate insights that connect your data and technology assets to business outcomes without committing to a large budget engagement.

The goal of a data sprint is to quickly:

  • Define desired business outcomes.
  • Assess the business/technical environment surrounding a system or dataset.
  • Perform a data quality or other tangible data readiness assessment.
  • Determine the viable next steps to achieve the stated business outcomes.
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