Data Architecture

Make your organisation data-centric for the long term.


Most organisations produce data faster than they can shape it into useful insights. They end up with disorganised, irrelevant data that doesn’t really reflect their customer. Team up with The Virtual Forge to reimagine the design and flow of your data. Create the building blocks to fully utilise your data and tailor your business towards your customer.

  • Use a data model made bespoke for your business. We use a case-specific methodology to prioritise your most crucial data and extract the specific insight you need.

  • Ensure your data is continually optimised. We’ll use an agile approach to build your data solution so it can be adapted over time.

  • Trust us to provide a user-friendly solution. We prioritise usability to make tools and working methods that are smooth, efficient and easy to use.

How we do it

Working with us, you’ll benefit from our elite team of highly skilled engineers, architects, modellers and analysts. We use a specialist mix of science and analytics to determine what kind of data your business needs. We’ll align your data strategy with your business vision. We’ll ensure you’re looking for the right data, finding it quickly, and turning it into revenue building insight.

Working with Fortune 500 companies, from automotive and pharma to financial and energy, we have developed a comprehensive suite of methodologies and codified practices that transform organisational, process and commercial data.

What We Don't Say About Data Architecture

Ryan Palsho, our Senior Vice President of Global Data Consulting talks about the things that we don't talk about, when we talk about data.


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