Get 100% confidence in your product before going to market.


Validate your software before going to market with a long-term testing strategy from The Virtual Forge. We provide a mature, trusted, technically proven service designed to save you time, money and surprises. Use Testing as a Service (TaaS) to minimise production issues and give your product the real-world seal of approval.

  • We automate processes wherever possible to give you better, more reliable results in less time.

  • As part of our testing service, we deliver test reports that help to optimise all your development processes.

  • Our testing strategy allows you to maintain resources allocated to core competencies, so you can still run your business your way.

How We Do our Testing

Before we begin testing, we set a fixed cost price and clearly define our work schedules. We create a long-term, industry-proof testing strategy to give you confidence in your product from the early stages. We use internal testers, influencers and actual end users to provide empirical, validated feedback before rolling out your new software to the world.

Software Testing

If you don't currently test your website or software... Can you ever know if it is any good? Ben, one of our Test Engineers explores how Schrödinger's Cat has more to do with software testing than we think!


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Case Studies

Who we work with

We undertake projects across a range of sectors. Each project we undertake is unique and each solution is bespoke. Here are some recent examples...

Learning Management System

Using AWS to manage and deliver a global LMS

Delivering content to thousands of users, simultaneously, all over the globe.


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