Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an holistic business management solution. It dynamically combines the convenience of Office 365, the insightful business intelligence of Power Platform and the cloud services of Azure to create a powerful application that enables businesses to work smarter.

You can take advantage of the process and data fluidity that modern business intelligence requires by utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through one innovative business management solution, you can streamline your process, create informed business decisions, and accelerate your growth.

The truth is simple: if you want to keep up with the fast-moving world of digital transformation, you’ll need full access to reliable business intelligence presented in concise formats for rapid, informed business decisions.

  • Improve your Financial Visibility. With clear financial data, you’ll be able to analyse key performance indicators, enhanced reporting, and access data in real-time across a variety of devices. A single business management software solution to create a smarter financial environment.
  • Enhance Supply Chain. Capitalise on your company’s profitability by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide a clear picture of all operations.Enhance Supply Chain. Capitalise on your company’s profitability by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide a clear picture of all operations.
  • Increase Sales and improve Customer Experience. Increase your sales within Outlook, by using clear and fully confident processes. Provide an outstanding service for your customers with a synergetic series of operations and outstanding results.
  • Complete Project Management. With accurate reporting, mapping, and planning, as well as real-time data on resources, profitability, and progress, you can dependably deliver your projects on schedule and within your budget.
  • Unleash the cloud potential. With flexible deployment, dependability, security, and an adaptive business management solution that evolves with you, you can adopt new business models more quickly.

How We Do It

The Virtual Forge celebrated a business partnership with Creative Computing Solutions, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in the United Kingdom. Their best-in-class services and solutions creates the finest experience a Microsoft Partner has to offer.

Creative Computing unrivaled Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central expertise seamlessly aligns with The Virtual Forge’s PowerBI, Power Apps, DevOps Azure and software development extensive experience to deliver the most personalised business management solution.

We will help you create, design and implement the completely scalable management solution you need, fully tailored to your needs.


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